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2015-01-27 17:59
"James Cropper PLC (CRPR) - Financial and Strategic SWOT Analysis Review" is now available at
James Cropper PLC (CRPR) - Financial and Strategic SWOT Analysis Review provides you an in-depth strategic SWOT analysis of the company's businesses and operations. The profile has been compiled by GlobalData to bring to you a clear and an unbiased view of the company's key strengths and weaknesses .. [ More ]
2015-01-27 17:59
Market Report, "Gibson Energy Inc. (GEI) - Financial and Strategic SWOT Analysis Review", published
Gibson Energy Inc. (Gibson) is an energy service provider. The company develops, implements, and supports midstream solutions for the oil and gas industry. It provides services such as marketing, truck transportation, environmental services and processing, among others. Gibson offers storage termina .. [ More ]
2015-01-27 17:59
"Sanitary Pads Market in Portugal: Market Profile to 2018" is now available at Fast Market
This report presents data on the Sanitary Pads consumption trends in Portugal. It analyzes Sanitary Pads consumption volumes and values at market level. It examines the components of change in the market for the historic (2008-2013) and forecast (2014-2018) years by volumes and values, as well as .. [ More ]
2015-01-27 17:58
Market Report, "Lanka IOC PLC (LIOC.N0000) - Financial and Strategic SWOT Analysis Review", published
Lanka IOC PLC (LIOC) is a petroleum product distributor. The company distributes petroleum products. Its product includes fuels, lubricants, bitumen and bunkering. LIOC's product portfolio includes auto fuels, branded fuels, industrial and marine fuels and feed stock, servo lubricants and greases, p .. [ More ]
2015-01-27 17:58
New Market Research Report: Pernix Therapeutics Holdings, Inc. (PTX) - Financial and Strategic SWOT Analysis
Pernix Therapeutics Holdings, Inc. (Pernix Therapeutics) is a pharmaceutical company. The company develops, markets and sells generic pharmaceutical products for the pediatric market. Its pediatric products include Silenor, CEDAX CEFTIBUTEN, Natroba, Rezyst IM Probiotic and Rezyst SB Probiotic. Pern .. [ More ]
2015-01-27 17:58
JGC Corporation (1963) - Oil & Gas - Deals and Alliances Profile - New Market
JGC Corporation (JGC) is an engineering and construction service provider. It carries out engineering contracts and projects in the areas of oil and gas development, petroleum refining, natural gas processing, petrochemicals, clean energy and power generation. The company offers a broad range of ser .. [ More ]
2015-01-27 17:58
New Market Research Report: Flextronics International Ltd. (FLEX) - Power - Deals and Alliances Profile
Flextronics International Ltd. (Flextronics) is a provider of technology solutions. The company offers design, manufacturing, and supply chain services to original equipment manufacturers. It serves diverse markets including medical devices, automotive, consumer digital devices, computing, mobile co .. [ More ]
2015-01-27 17:57
New Report Available: CTS Corporation (CTS) - Financial and Strategic SWOT Analysis Review
CTS Corporation (CTS) is an electronic equipment manufacturer. The company design, manufacture and markets electronic components and sensors primarily to original equipment manufacturers. It offers automotive sensors and actuators used in powertrain, safety, fuel and emissions control systems; elect .. [ More ]
2015-01-27 17:57
Qanda Technology Ltd. (QNA) - Financial and Strategic SWOT Analysis Review - New Study Released
Qanda Technology Ltd (Qanda Technology), formerly WebSpy Limited, is a peer to peer transaction company. The company creates online marketplaces, which facilitate peer to peer transactions between owners of assets and those seeking to rent a wider variety of goods. Qanda Technology offers service su .. [ More ]
2015-01-27 17:57
Johnson Service Group plc (JSG) - Financial and Strategic SWOT Analysis Review - New Study
Johnson Service Group plc (JSG) is a provider of textile related services. The company operates through segments such as textile rental division, drycleaning division, facilities management division and other segments. Its textile rental division offers supply and laundering of workwear garments for .. [ More ]
2015-01-27 17:56
Enable IPC Corporation (EIPC) - Alternative Energy - Deals and Alliances Profile - New Report
Enable IPC Corporation (Enable IPC) is a rechargeable battery manufacturer. The company develops, manufactures and distributes power technologies and products. Its products include RFID tags, ultracapacitor, potentiostat, AAO nanopore templates, galvanostat and impedance anaylzer systems. Enable IPC .. [ More ]
2015-01-27 17:56
Just Published: "Association des Proprietaires d'Appareils a Vapeur et Electriques - Strategic SWOT Analysis Review"
Association des Proprietaires d'Appareils a Vapeur et Electriques (Apave) is a consulting firm. The company provides technical and intellectual services. It assists companies and communities to control technical risks, and human and environmental services. The company's services include inspection, .. [ More ]
2015-01-27 17:56
New Report Available: Parkland Health and Hospital System - Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare - Deals and
Parkland Health and Hospital System (Parkland) is a healthcare service provider. The hospital provides healthcare services to the people of Dallas. Its services include acute care, management of chronic illness, immunizations, specialty care referrals, STD and HIV testing, health education, and fami .. [ More ]
2015-01-27 17:55
Vietnam Credit Cards: Market Update: New research report available at Fast Market Research
This report is the result of Timetric's extensive market research covering the Credit Card market in Vietnam. It contains detailed data on market dynamics along with latest industry happenings, industry players in Vietnam. "Vietnam Credit Cards: Market Update" provides a top-level overview and detai .. [ More ]
2015-01-27 17:55
Now Available: Platinum Asset Management Limited (PTM) - Financial and Strategic SWOT Analysis Review
Platinum Asset Management Limited (PAML) is a financial service provider. The company provides investments in international equities. It offers platinum trust funds that include Platinum International Fund, Platinum Unhedged Fund, Platinum Asia Fund, Platinum European Fund, Platinum Japan Fund, Plat .. [ More ]
2015-01-27 17:55
Just Published: "EnergyMixx AG - Power - Deals and Alliances Profile"
EnergyMixx AG (EnergyMixx) is a Switzerland-based special technology solution provider. The company engages in planning, developing, and implementation of renewable energy projects. The company invests in the development and operation of renewable energy power generation ventures sourced through sol .. [ More ]
2015-01-27 17:54
Recent Study: Karyon Industries Berhad (KARYON) - Financial and Strategic SWOT Analysis Review
Karyon Industries Berhad (Karyon Industries) is a chemical product manufacturer. The company produces and markets polymeric and oleo chemical products. Its products include polyvinyl chloride compounds, plastic additives, industrial chemicals and products, foam boosters, concentrated detergent paste .. [ More ]
2015-01-27 17:54
Recent Study: Morocco Infrastructure Report 2015
We are forecasting positive growth in Morocco's construction sector in 2015 based on extensive government investment in a range of infrastructure projects. Morocco is improving its road, rail and air travel connections, upgrading port facilities, addressing the housing shortfall and building a subst .. [ More ]
2015-01-27 17:54
New Market Research Report: Innolume GmbH - Strategic SWOT Analysis Review
Innolume GmbH (Innolume) is a medical device manufacturer. The company manufactures solutions for optical interconnect technologies. Its products include high power lasers, gain chips, semiconductor optical, amplifiers, and superluminescent diodes. Innolume's high power lasers find application in me .. [ More ]
2015-01-27 17:53
Recent Study: MaxCyte, Inc. - Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare - Deals and Alliances Profile
MaxCyte, Inc. (MaxCyte) is a biotherapeutics company. The company offers cell-based therapies for chronic and acute diseases. It offers products such as MaxCyte STX, MaxCyte VLX and MaxCyte GT. The company offers services such as transfection insourcing services, processing assemblies and quality sy .. [ More ]

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