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SADIF Analytics releases new summary due diligence report for Chart Industries, Inc. (GTLS)

SADIF-Investment Analytics has applied its StockMarks™ stock-rating system to Chart Industries, Inc. (GTLS) and produced a report, rating the company's attractiveness to long-term investors. 2014-04-30 15:39:50
Ilhavo, Portugal - SADIF Investment Analytics, announces a new summary due diligence report covering Chart Industries, Inc. (GTLS). The report uses SADIF's powerful StockMarks™ stock rating system and contains important analysis for any current or potential Chart Industries, Inc. investor.

Report Summary: Chart Industries, Inc. is an above average quality company with a neutral outlook. Chart Industries, Inc. has strong business growth and is run by efficient management. The trend in Chart Industries, Inc. fair value exchange rate against its closest rated-competitor, CLARCOR Inc., has been stable over the past 2 weeks. When compared to its closest competitor, Chart Industries, Inc. shows similar undervaluation and is equally likely to outperform the market.

The report breaks down the Total StockMark into its three components - business, management and price, performing an in-depth analysis of Chart Industries, Inc. for long-term investors.
The report has been distributed to Thomson Reuters. It is available in Investext and from multiple professional platforms including Thomson Research, Thomson ONE Banker, DIALOG/INTELLISCOPE, Thomson Gale, One source West Services, and Dow Jones/Factiva.

About SADIF-Investment Analytics:
SADIF-Investment Analytics is an independent investment research company covering 31 different markets and over 22,000 companies. The StockMarks rating system is based on proven investment principles and is designed to drive long-term shareholder returns.

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